Choosing peace and legality and you enjoy the price.
            You avoid the pitfalls of a personal approach where the obstacles are  numerous and very expensive for a private individual.
            You can come with us to particpate to the auctions or to allow us to negotiate on your behalf after your recommendations
            For added security for the buyer and the seller, the payment is done by bank transfer (SWIFT) or certified cheque.
            For the next steps of transport and customs clearance, we will inform you of costs to settle the various service providers.
            We start the auction upon receipt of your personal details via email (see form).
            After telephone interview, we will set the terms in writing to avoid any misunderstanding.
            We wish to remind you that no margin is used on vehicles.
            Trough a transparent approach, you will have all the original invoices for all providers concerning the import of your vehicle.
            Our service is paid by a single commission on the auction price to settle the day of purchase.
Purchase < and = $20000 Purchase > $20000
and = $40000
Purchase > $40000
and = $60000
Purchase > $60000
and = $80000
Purchase > $80000
and = $100000
Achat > $100000
10% 8% 7% 6.5% 6% 5.5%