Order Process, working with Verona Global Trade Inc.

               At Verona Global trade Inc. we work very closely with our customers to make sure they are getting all the products they need to help build their
               business. Together we can tailor our paint programs to suit your needs. 

              Our customer’s needs vary greatly. International paint wholesalers may want larger quantities of one product (white latex paint, for example)
              while a small paint store owner in Central America might be looking for an order where there are 20-30 different types of products so he can
              offer his customers more variety. Let us know more about your business and the buying patterns of the people you sell to and let us search our
              inventory for products that will help boost your sales! The more information you give us about your business, the better we can serve you! Also,
              it is very important that we know what country you are shipping the product to. Our contracts with our suppliers are very specific about label
              restrictions and we are very strict about adhering to our contracts. Let us know what country you are shipping to and we will use this
              information to put together a paint program tailored to meet your needs.

Contact us today for any additional questions that you may have and let us put together an offer for you today!